This is the next, very exciting phase of the LikesXL business which will ensure fantastic growth while also building long term sustainability.

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LikesXL Supercharged! We have great pleasure in announcing the launch of LikesXL Supercharged. This is the next, very exciting phase of the LikesXL business which will ensure fantastic growth while also building long term sustainability. In this Newsletter, we will be covering the following… New LikesXL Bids Pack Existing LikesXL PR and Reward Packs New 12-layer compensation plan New 12-layer leader’s compensation plan New and existing membership fees Ad view and commission payments New state of the art WB21 payment solution Updated LXLPro sales funnel Additional external revenue streams New LikesXL Bids Pack We realised that only a tiny percentage of LikesXL AP’s were actually using the advertising they were purchasing with the PR and Reward Packs. This was not good for the business and therefore, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the new €10 LikesXL Bids Pack. The Bids Pack will give you a fantastic product you will definitely want to use. Every €10 will give you 20 bids on BidsLXL so you will be able to bid for amazing luxury items. In addition to the 20 bids on BidsLXL, each €10 Bids pack will qualify you to receive the following: Your Ad View Incentive (AVI) if you view only 5 ads per day A total AVI of €11 per pack before it expires A TOP DAILY AVI giving a rapid sustainable income from watching the ads from day one A maximum of 8,888 packs (equivalent to 1,777 €50 PR Packs) giving you a significantly increased income potential. The more Bids Packs you have…the greater your chance of a successful bid…and also the more money you will make…a true ‘win win’! So, the new Bids Packs will give you a low-cost way of buying packs and generating a superb, fast and sustainable income from watching just 5 adverts per day. At the same time, the new Bids Packs give you 20 bids on BidsLXL and therefore fantastic opportunities to bid for amazing luxury items. Another key benefit of AP’s buying Bids Packs and using the bids to bid for items, is that it will push up the final bid price for items on BidsLXL. Sign Up:
The reason this is very good news for AP’s is that it will significantly increase the revenue coming in to BidsLXL…of which, 50% will go straight in to the AVI! Again, ‘win win’! This is all part of LikesXL’s strategy to build significant external income streams with the aim of enhancing the AVI and also ensuring long term sustainability of the business moving forwards. Note: While you will no longer be able to purchase the packs for ad views…LikesXL is still very much an advertising company and therefore, you will still be able to purchase advertising space directly, enabling you to promote your product or service via LikesXL. This is part of our strategy to raise the credibility and perceived quality of our advertising service with the aim of increasing external advertising revenue…which again is another external revenue source for the AVI. Existing PR and Reward Packs You will no longer be able to purchase €50 PR packs and €10 Rewards packs. However, the existing packs will continue to generate AVI for watching ads. It is expected that you will see an increase of the AVI on existing packs starting soon. To receive your AVI on existing packs…there will now be a standard requirement of a minimum of 10 ads viewed per day, regardless of your membership level and the number of PR and Reward packs you have. (Note: if you have both existing PR and Reward packs as well as the new Bids Packs…you will need to watch 10 ads per day for the existing Packs and 5 ads per day for the Bids Packs…ie 15 ads in total per day until all your existing PR and Reward Packs have completed…at which point you will only need to watch 5 ads per day). New 12-layer compensation plan If you have a business with one layer, you can make a lot of money. If you have a business with 5 layers, this will greatly increase your income for a similar amount of effort. However, to have a 12 level pay structure is simply phenomenal. If you are serious about introducing new members to LikesXL, over time your business will extend well beyond your 5th level. And as every member in your team continues to grow the number of packs they have and the number of people they introduce, so your income will continue to grow and grow over time. This is a huge development for team builders and is a big factor why so many top leaders from around the world are joining LikesXL. With a stunning pay out of up to 18.5% over the 12 layers…be in no doubt that the LikesXL compensation plan is way beyond anything that has been seen before and will give you the opportunity to completely change your financial future! New 12-layer leader’s compensation plan For those of you who are serious about building a large team with LikesXL, there are further incredible incentives for you in the form of leadership positions. The minimum requirements to become a leader are as follows: A minimum of 2,000 personal Bids Packs A minimum 2 productive downlines with each 100 active people (active = 10+ packs & level Green) 35,000 Bids Packs purchased per month in your 12-layer organisation As a leader, you will get paid a percentage of every single monthly membership and downline upgrade in your entire 12-layer organisation. This is absolutely huge and will effectively double your already significant income overnight! We completely understand that this may not be for everyone…as achieving a leadership position is not easy and the 12 level pay plan is enormous on its own. However, we wanted to give an additional fantastic incentive for ambitious team builders, who want to go the extra mile and put in the effort to build a larger team with LikesXL.

There are various promotion levels that can be attained…with the top positions giving a 7-figure yearly income potential. New and existing membership fees Monthly membership and downline upgrade fees are a very important part of your LikesXL business, as a percentage of all monthly fees goes towards boosting the AVI. And unlike other businesses, you only pay membership fees commensurate with your level and the number of Bids Packs you have, so they are self-funding. Someone with a small number of packs will pay smaller membership fees than someone with a large number of packs who is at a higher level and therefore earning more money. To see the various monthly membership and downline upgrade fees for the new Bids Packs then take another look at the chart showing the new 12-layer team building plan (see above). To help our existing members who have PR and Reward packs… we have decided to lower the monthly fee to a flat rate of just €2 per month across the board. So, whether you are at the Green level or Diamond level… you will still only pay €2 per month. So initially, when you only have existing packs, then you will be paying just €2 per month. And as you build up your Bids Packs and upgrade your levels along the way, then you will also be paying the membership fees commensurate with your level with the Bids Packs. When your PR and Reward Packs have expired, and you no longer have any, you will no longer have to pay the €2 per month. You will then only be paying the fees for your new Bids Pack business. In this way, you will be able to transition across to the new Bids Packs with the minimum of additional cost. Ad view and commission payments Our remit is to always give the very best business opportunity to our valued AP’s and also make sure that the business is sustainable long term. The basis of the LikesXL business is to both create additional external income streams for the business, as well as selling Bids Packs. Both of these income streams go towards pushing up the AVI. Therefore, as you will have clearly seen with all the fantastic upgrades we are launching with ‘LikesXL Supercharged’… we want to incentivise you as much as possible to build your LikesXL business, and therefore your income.Sign Up:
This will be by increasing the number of personal Bids Packs you have, while also building your teams and introducing this incredible life changing business to others. Any of you who have built up to 900 PR packs previously, will know that to build up to that number and also to maintain it at that level, you will need to plough back as much as 80% of your income every month. We want all our AP’s to build up their income significantly, through purchasing more Bids Packs. This will maintain upward pressure on the AVI, resulting in bigger ad view incomes and bigger commissions coming in from teams. Therefore, 50% of all your AVI and team commissions will be paid in to your ‘Available Balance’ (see new payment solution below) and 50% will be paid in to your ‘Top Up’ account to enable you to buy more Bids Packs etc. As explained above, if you are building or maintaining your LikesXL business correctly, then you should not even notice this change. However, it is an important one as it has allowed us to significantly increase the income potential for our AP’s through increasing the maximum number of Bids Packs to 8,888 and also introducing the 12-layer compensation plans… and at the same time, protecting the business long term! New state-of-the-art WB21 payment solution We are very pleased to announce our new state-of-the-art payment solution… WB21( This is a digital bank, and every LikesXL AP will have their own personal digital account which means that requesting and waiting for withdrawals will be a thing of the past! This payment solution is available in over 150 countries worldwide… so it is genuinely an all-in-one, worldwide solution! How it works: Open an account to set up your personal LikesXL digital account Send money from your online bank account directly to your digital account… or pay cash at a local bank who will transfer it to your digital account for you. (Note: credit card transfers are not available at this time) Transfer the money via your LikesXL back office in to your Top Up account so you can start purchasing Bids Packs etc to get your LikesXL business going This truly is a state-of-the-art payment solution that is way beyond any other payment solution offered in the industry today! Updated LXLPro sales funnel We are pleased to announce that the LXLPro sales funnel is currently being updated and we are aiming to relaunch it at the end of this month. With all the upgrades being incorporated in to LikesXL supercharged…this will be an absolutely fantastic tool to build your LikesXL business! Additional external revenue streams As part of our ongoing drive to increase external revenue for LikesXL, we are pleased to announce that in addition to BidsLXL, we are launching the 888LXL gaming platform this month, followed by a live casino AND sportsbook in the next few months. These are external to LikesXL, however, a percentage of the revenue will go towards boosting the AVI. It is anticipated that these exciting new external revenue streams will contribute significantly to the business moving forwards. (Note: you will have the facility to switch off the link for 888LXL in your back office should you wish to do so). Q&A Webinars We are planning to have several Q&A webinars to help you plan your business and answer any questions you may have, so please keep an eye out for announcements regarding these. Summary LikesXL Supercharged is set to transform your LikesXL business. You will be able to earn a lot more money, a lot faster while at the same time ensuring the business is sustainable for the long term. Key benefits to you: The new Bids Packs will give you faster income with the ability to build up to twice the number of packs you have now giving you a bigger income opportunity from watching the ads A top AVI from launch (first AVI Payout is the 16th of march) You will only need to watch 5 ads per day to qualify for the AVI from your Bids Packs The Bids Packs will give you opportunities to bid for fantastic luxury items through BidsLXL…a real product with real value The new 12-layer team building plan will give you massive income potential The new 12-layer leadership plan will give you even greater income potential if you can build a larger team Fantastic business building tool with LXLPro All backed up by a fantastic state-of-the-art payment system giving you instant access to your money Get ready to Supercharge your income with LikesXL…

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